P.O. Box 610
Roscoe, PA  15477

Phone: (724) 938-CAL1
Fax: (724) 938-9247
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Monday - Friday 8:00AM to 4:30PM  
We are a young company with 20 years of Rental Experience.  We want to provide housing for College Students that is safe, clean, affordable and conducive to the learning atmosphere.  We understand college life and we want to make it as close to "living at home with mom" as possible.  We offer many other amenities other than incredible housing.  We provide good credit ratings in your son or daughters name for on time rental payments.  Now you can graduate college with a good credit score and not just credit card and loan debt.  We go above and beyond for the students in this town because we feel that they make California truly what it is.  Thank you for considering Rakosky Rentals. 

Our Agents:

​Susan Kennedy
Pamela Rakosky
Timothy Rakosky

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